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                HOME ABOUT TOKEN Constituent Company Tianjin Mattel

                Tianjin Mattel

                      Tianjin Meitai Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Tianjin Meitai) is a high-tech enterprise established in 2006, located in Tianjin Jinghai Economic and Technological Development district, covering about 58 acres.This company is wholly-owned subsidiary of Wuhu Token Technology(stock code: 300088),which has a registered capital of $3.585 million.

                Tianjin Meitai is one of the main manufactures bases of the thinning business group of Wuhu Token Technology Co., Ltd. The company has advanced equipment and rich management experience. The management team is dedicated and well-trained. It mainly produces TFT thinning products. It has become a strategic partner of BOE and Sharp. At the same time, it is also an excellent supply chain for terminal customers of various other brands.