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                HOME ABOUT TOKEN Constituent Company Dongguan Deput

                Dongguan Deput

                   DPT Electronics founded on April 18, 2014, which is a subsidiary of Token Technology (stock code: 300088). It is an intelligent manufacturing enterprise providing one-stop service in display solutions and support services in domestic market and abroad. In March 2016, the company established Dongguan DPT Electronics Co., Ltd. in DaPianMei Village, Dalingshan, Dongguan City.

                   The company has been committed to the innovation of technology in touch display integrated product and research and development, mainly producing liquid crystal display modules and circuit board components. DPT has always maintained a leading position in the world. In order to continuously update the product technology and its supporting equipment import, DPT has invested a large amount of human capital, and only equipment upgrades and process innovations have reached 120 million US dollars.

                   The company has special-shaped cutting and heterotypic offset technology, full-automatic COG and COF bonding technology, fully-automatic narrow-border dispensing technology, profiled and curved surface bonding technology, AOI automatic detection system and other related process capabilities. The company's current products are mainly high-end models such as FHD and QHD. In 2017, the total shipment volume was 77KK, and the total export volume reached $1.24 billion. Among them, high-end models accounted for 69%, and the main customers of mobile phone were domestic brands.  

                   In 2016, DPT Electronics was awarded the title of Shenzhen Top 100 Industrial Enterprises and National High-tech Enterprises. In 2017, DPT Electronics was named the top 20 enterprises in Dongguan in 2017 and the China Customs Advanced Certification Enterprise.

                   The company is actively developing smart manufacturing and equipment automation upgrades. The company will continue to pursue the value of customer satisfaction, provide competitive manufacturing technology, information, management, full process solutions and services, and continue to create value for customers, which is the unremitting pursuit of DPT.