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                Fine arts and dedication Excellent and efficient

                HOME PRODUCTS Thin Display Panel

                ultra-thin processing

                With ultra-thin glass under 0.1mm deep processing process and technology

                TFT-LCD glass, ultra - thin glass processing capacity

                Processing thickness: 0.05mm (single side thinning), plate thickness deviation within ±10%

                the OLED thinning

                With mature OLED panel thin processing process and process

                Maximum machining size: G6 half (1500*925mm) (single side thinning)

                It is capable of processing OLED single board, OLED composite board and PF screen printing

                TFT-LCD display glass thinning

                Maximum machining size:G6(1500*1850mm)

                Processing thickness: 0.1mm (single side), thickness uniformity deviation within ±10%

                Advanced grinding and polishing equipment

                With mature coating processing of s-ito, IMITO, MB, high resistance film, etc