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                Fine arts and dedication Excellent and efficient

                HOME PRODUCTS Touch Module Touch Sensor

                OGS Touch glass

                Substrate glass       Main product structure

                400×500mm            Black OGS Bridge

                550×660mm            White OGS Bridge

                Glass thickness       cutting technology

                0.4mm-2.0mm         Conventional cutting

                sheet resistance      Abnormity cutting


                product superiority  Single layer elimination technology; Double-layer extinction technology;OGS Integrated black technique; AR anti-reflection technology;Available in black/white

                application  Mainly used in vehicle, industrial control, mobile phone, tablet and other fields.

                OGM Touch glass

                Substrate glass      Main product structure

                400×500mm           Double metallic mesh

                550×660mm           cutting technology

                Glass thickness      Conventional cutting

                0.4mm-2.0mm        Abnormity cutting

                sheet resistance    ≤0.4ohm

                product superiority  OGM adopts metal grid structure, with better conductivity of low resistance value, support of narrow border, support of stylus, floating touch, suitable for medium, high and large size touch control field, which has achieved mass production.The width of the metal line can be 4-6um, and the figure is not visible.Good darkening effect;

                application  Mainly used in the high-end two-in-one notebook computer, touch notebook computer and other fields.

                flexible Sensor products

                Substrate size



                Flexible sensor thickness

                20μm below

                Foldable number

                Bending radius: R=2mm can be folded more than 200K times

                product superiority  It can be folded with a small radius without breaking, and its size is compatible with watches, mobile phones, pads, pens, industrial control and other products. It is the mainstream direction of the next generation of touch control. Now Token has achieved mass production.

                application  It is mainly used in flexible and foldable mobile phones, smart wear and other fields.

                DITO SENSOR Touch glass

                Substrate glass                 Main product structure

                400×500mm                      Double ITO + single metal

                550×660mm                      Double ITO + double metal

                Glass thickness                 cutting technology

                0.23mm-2.0mm                 Conventional cutting

                sheet resistance                Abnormity cutting


                product superiority

                Product performance is stable, Token in technology, quality, production and other aspects have accumulated rich experience;Good elimination technology;
                application  Mainly used in tablet, industrial control, learning machine with active pen project consumer touch control field.  

                SITO SENSOR Touch glass

                Substrate glass                 Main product structure

                400×500mm                      Metal bypass

                550×660mm                      ITO bypass

                Glass thickness                 cutting technology

                0.23mm-2.0mm                 Conventional cutting

                sheet resistance               Abnormity cutting


                product superiority

                Rich production experience, stable yield, high quality;Single layer elimination technology;


                Applicable to high-end products, widely used in vehicle, industrial control, mobile phones and other fields.