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                Cover plate

                Product introduction


                Surface anti-glare (Ag)

                2.5D Ag + Ar + AF cover plate

                Product introduction

                ● size:9inch 

                ● Surface anti-glare (Ag), anti reflection (AR) and anti fingerprint treatment (AF)

                ● high transmittance and low reflectivity;

                ● 9 refers to touch operation;

                ● surface hardness ≥ 9h

                ● waterproof operation / IP65 waterproof and dustproof grade

                Ar + AF integrated black cover plate

                Product introduction

                ● size:13.2inch

                ● Surface anti reflection (AR) and anti fingerprint processing (AF)

                High transmittance and low reflectivity

                ●13.2 touch operation

                surface hardness ≥9H

                Waterproof operation /IP65 waterproof and dustproof grade