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                Fine arts and dedication Excellent and efficient

                HOME PRODUCTS Display Module Consumer Display Module

                Mobile phone

                We currently provides 5.0-6.23 inch products for flagship models at home and abroad. The screen has the characteristics of wide color gamut, colorful, high screen proportion and portable energy saving.

                Main technology

                Full screen technology: ultra narrow frame to achieve maximum screen ratio;
                Full fit Technology: innovative glue technology, realizing 100% fitting, reducing 100% color performance;
                COF Technology
                Heteromorphic cutting

                Notebook / tablet computer


                We have 3.5 inch to 12.8 inch products. It has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high reliability and touch control.

                Main technology

                Ultra narrow border: provide the technology of fully bonded super narrow border, with 3 sides and 4 sides narrow border design, enhance screen and gorgeous color restoration, achieve a full range of visual experience and